PE File Format Debug Extender

Toolchain that is used to extend programs with Visual Studio PDB custom debug information. Can be used to enable callstack view in Visual Studio.

Did you ever wonder how to enable debug symbols in Visual Studio for games that you are reverse engineering? This is the way. Provide a path to your game executable along with a symbols.txt file and this toolchain will generate a PDB file that is automatically linked to a newly generated “custom debug” copy of your game, completely binary compatible with your original executable.

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How to get started

  • save the dumpinfo.idc pastebin content as “dumpinfo.idc” file on your desktop
  • copy the MSPDBCORE.DLL file from your Visual Studio program files folder into the “output” folder of the repository (as of VS2017)
  • pass the path to the to-be-debugged executable using cmdline args